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2016 Bright Lights Maine-Anjou Bull & Female Sale
Saturday, January 16, 2016 • 3:00 PM

RIGD Hard Count
Want performance back in a great modern package? This is one of three of our bulls that come from a history of super producing cow families with performance and power in the blood. We have combined that with the clean genetics of Hard Whiskey (Irish Whiskey) who also has a great cow family behind him. Take note on the age of the mother of this bull as this was her last natural calf. She was a great producer of bulls for Denver pens in the past and this is the first bull she has had for us. He was hard to let go!

RIGD Hard Cut
This bull will be one you won’t miss. P-O-W-E-R. The dam of this bull is a no miss bull producer for us. If you are looking for a bull to add pounds at weaning, pay attention to the weaning and yearling weights for this bull. He had a brother win Reserve Supreme FFA bull at the Iowa state Fair at 10 months old weighing 1095. This bull is on that same track. I can’t wait to see how Hard Cut weighs at Denver! Oh yes and did I mention his Hard Whiskey style give him the punch of style for heifers you will keep. Hard Cut was reserve division at the American Royal to Matt Lautner’s new Purebred Maine sire bull. He has just had scurs come up.

RIGD Hard Cap
This was an old school/new school mating that we were eager to see. We think this was a touchdown. If you are looking for a big footed, sound, stylish bull that will produce pounds for you and heifers you love than this is the bull for you. This bull will add performance and productivity to any cowherd, as well as being able to sire the type of cattle winning today. This is the kind of herd prospect we love to sell because you will want more like him. You will come back more than once to look at this bull. He has just had scurs come up.